Submitted by espurrthefestivepokemon: “Ash’s familly always had a ugly sweater contest at christmas. They had to find while december the ugliest sweater and wear it and the winner get 5$ from each member of the family.”


Submitted by grabbergirl: “Clemont is really fourteen, he just appears to be really short.”

Submitted by grabbergirl: “Morana is Wulfric’s neice. But she didn’t want to be with her uncle so she went to Unova.”

Submitted by grabbergirl: “Clemont has been a nerd since he was little, and was different from the others, he also wasn’t toilet trained until he was six, so in preschool and kindergarden he was made fun of for wearing diapers. Then at the age of six, the diaper thing wasn’t an issue because Clemont was fully toilet trained but still got made fun of for being a nerd. So that’s why his father is proud of him for making friends with Ash and Serena because he thought his son would never have friends due to being a nerd.”

Submitted by mooites: “Kalos and Kanto have an 8 hour time difference. Sometimes Ash wakes up at 4 A.M. so he can call his mother at what is noontime there. He always starts the conversation by asking “what’s for lunch?” to get a chuckle out of her. Even though Ash is always on the road, he cares about his mother more than anything and wants to make sure she is happy.”

Submitted by holly-whirl: “Although Drew eventually forges a very strong friendship with Ash, and lets his relationship with May flourish, he will always still have an annoying pang of jealousy whenever May will bring up a special memory she has with Ash or when the two are together. He realizes, though, that May loves him in a way that Ash or anyone else will never experience, and that May really is just a friendly person who is aware of keeping her memories and friendships very close- especially with Ash and Brock.”

Anybody have any Christmas or holiday-themed headcanons?

Submitted by grabbergirl: “Not only to gain courage, but despite being in his mid-teens, he doesn’t want to get a girlfriend yet. But his father, Limone wants him to get a girlfriend but Clemont isn’t ready. He decides to run away from home but can’t leave Bonnie alone so he took her with him. He also realized he lacked courage so he decided to gain it as well.”

Submitted by grabbergirl: “When Cilan was in preschool, Cress had an interest in cute pokemon. Cress found a wild Purrloin and decided to show it to Cilan assuming he would like it. But instead the Purrloin attacked Cilan, he screamed at Cress and their preschool teacher made Cress put the purrloin back in it’s natural habitat. Soon Chili and his friends laugh at Cilan causing him to wet his pants (which is never shown in Pokemon). That’s why Cilan never wants to tell Ash and Iris due to embarrassment and the ignored bathroom need in Pokemon.” 

Submitted by turningswallow: “May was very sheltered as a child, which caused some problems for herself and her parents, so Max was raised to be more smart and aware.”